Nike Adjusting her Sandal - Carrara Marble

Nike Adjusting her Sandal - Carrara Marble



Copy of the famous fragment from the Athena Nike temple.
This bas-relief, carved in 410 BC It is part of the balustrade of the Temple.

Reproduction in white Carrara marble.
Our production, hand made.

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5 300,00 €

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Height 29.53 in 75 cm
Width 14.96 in 38 cm
Thickness 5.91 in 15 cm
Weight 198.42 lbs 90 Kg
Manufacturing Recuperando srl
Material White Carrara marble

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Nike is supplied as well as in the picture, or on request with various types of stands / supports.

  1.      Four iron forged hooks (included in the price)
  2.      An iron stand with square base 50x50cm with adequate support iron (80 €)
  3.      An 80x30x30x30 square marble or stone stand with adequate support iron (180,00

The Temple of Athena Nike (Greek: Ναός Αθηνάς Νίκης) is a temple on the Acropolis of Athens. It was named after the Greek goddess, Athena Nike. Built around 420BC, the temple is the earliest fully Ionic temple on the Acropolis. It was a prominent position on a steep bastion at the south west corner of the Acropolis to the right of the entrance, the Propylaea. In contrast to the Acropolis proper, a walled sanctuary entered through the Propylaea, the Victory Sanctuary was open, entered from the Propylaea's southwest wing and from a narrow stair on the north. The sheer walls of its bastion were protected on the north, west, and south by the Nike Parapet, named for its frieze of Nikai celebrating victory and sacrificing to their patroness, Athena Nike.
Nike means victory in Greek, and Athena was worshipped in this form, as goddess of victory in war and wisdom. The citizens worshipped the goddess in hope of a successful outcome in the long Peloponnesian War fought on land and sea against the Spartans and their allies.


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