Antique tile in white Carrara marble with the alchemical symbol of creation

Antique tile in white Carrara marble with the alchemical symbol of creation



Ancient 13 x 13 cm tile in white Carrara marble with the alchemical symbol of creation.
The tile is ancient, while the symbol was sculpted by us.
We can create any alchemical or other symbol on these ancient tiles.

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Thickness from 2 to 4 from 2 to 4 cm
Weight 4.41 lbs 2 or 3 Kg
Side * Side 5.12 in X 5.12 in 13 X 13 cm
Material White Carrara marble

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Alchemy is an ancient esoteric philosophical system that expressed itself through the language of various disciplines such as chemistry, physics, astrology, metallurgy and medicine, leaving numerous traces in the history of art. Alchemical thought is also considered by many to be the precursor of modern chemistry before the birth of the scientific method. The term alchemy derives from the Greek term khymeia (χυμεία) meaning «melt», «cast together», «weld», «attach», etc. (from khumatos, «which has been poured», of an ingot). Another etymology connects the word with al-kemi, which derives from Kemet, a term with which the ancient Egyptians indicated in their language the color of the soil on which they lived, i.e. "black earth", and which later took on the meaning of "Egyptian art", since they were considered powerful magicians throughout the ancient world. The word could also derive from kim-iya, a Chinese term meaning "juice for making gold". There were several great objectives that the alchemists set themselves: to conquer omniscience, reaching the maximum of knowledge in all fields of knowledge; create the universal panacea, that is, a remedy to cure all diseases, generate and prolong life indefinitely; the transmutation of substances and metals, or the search for the philosopher's stone. In addition to being a physical and chemical discipline, alchemy implied a growth experience or rather a process of spiritual liberation of the operator. From this perspective, alchemical science comes to represent metaphysical and philosophical knowledge, taking on mystical and soteriological connotations, in the sense that alchemical processes and symbols, in addition to the material meaning relating to physical transformation, possess an internal meaning relating to spiritual development.


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