ancient mosaic tiles

ancient mosaic tiles


Coming from an old Pietrasantino mosaic workshop from the early 1900s. Various materials, glass, marble, stone.
The cost for all 6 cassettes will be 500 €.

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Material Various marble, glass etc.
Note 01 They are sold in boxes
Note 02 The cost for all 6 cassettes will be 500 €

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The mosaic is a Byzantine art obtained through the use of fragments of materials born in Mesopotamia and exported to the world of antiquity during the period of Hellenistic and Roman domination. (The tiles) of different nature and color (stones, glass, shells), are decorated with gold and precious stones. The Byzantine works, or mosaics, date back to the 6th century AD.

A tile in mosaic art is a fragment of any material that is used for the composition of pictorial figures. The tesserae were called in Greek ̀αβακίσκοι (abakìskoi), quadrelli, from ̀άβαξ (àbax), tablet, while in Latin abaculi, tesserae, tessellae.


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