Greco-Roman bas-relief in plaster cast

Greco-Roman bas-relief in plaster cast



Large panel over one meter long with various Greco-Roman characters.
Alabaster plaster, Made in Italy.
This is one of the most beautiful panels ever produced by the Greco-Roman world, it depicts from left to right: DIONISOS - APOLLO - PERSEPHONE - GAIA - DEMETRA - ATHENA - ARES. 

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Height 20.08 in 51 cm
Width 44.09 in 112 cm
Thickness 1.57 in 4 cm
Weight 39.68 lbs 18 Kg
Material Plaster cast

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DIONISOS - is the god who represents and summarizes in himself all the plant life of nature.
APOLLO - the god of music, medical arts, sciences, intellect and prophecy.
PERSEPHONE-being the bride of Hades, she was the minor goddess of the Underworld and queen of the underworld.
GAIA-she is the personification of the Earth who generates the divine races.
DEMETRA - is a Greek divinity, daughter of Cronus and Rhea, who presided over nature, crops and crops.
ATHENA-she was the goddess of Greek cities, arts, crafts and wisdom. She is also the goddess of war.
ARES -is the son of Zeus and Hera. He is identified among the twelve Olympians as the god of war in a general sense.


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