Sculptures and Statues

RECUPERANDO Johann Joseph Zoffany, Charles Towneley con i suoi amici, nella sua Galleria al n.7 di Park Street, Westminster, 1783

Sculptures and Statues

The artifacts of this category are mostly reproductions of the most remarkable sculptural production conserved in the most beautiful museums in the world. From the art of Etruscan, Greek and Roman civilizations, to representations in high and bas-relief in Early Medieval Period style and Gothic style with barbaric heritage, until the valuable all-round artworks from the Renaissance.

In this category you will find statues, sculptures, busts, torsos, heads and bas-reliefs in various materials such as terracotta, marble, stone and plaster-cast.

The marble and stone are hand-carved by our sculptors. The terracotta items often come from casts of our property but we have also a wide selection of unique pieces shaped by hand and not reproducible.

Johann Joseph Zoffany, Charles Townley in the Park St. Gallery by Zoffany, Westminster, 1783