ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE plaster cast basrelief

ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE plaster cast basrelief



Patinate chalk, size 1:1 with the original basrelief of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

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Height 47.64 in 121 cm
Width 39.37 in 100 cm
Thickness 3.94 in 10 cm
Weight 39.68 lbs 18 Kg
Artist / Creator / Architect Fidia school
Manufacturing Italian manufacture
Material Plaster cast

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Among the photos uploaded on this detail, in addition to our plaster bas-relief we have included the photo of Vittorio Corcos's painting "Visit to the Museum" of 1899. A woman dressed in black, sitting on a Thonet chair observes the sculpted base of the statue of Tiberius from Pozzuoli. On the back wall, the relief is recognized with the farewell between Orpheus and Eurydice.
Source: CORCOS - I sogni della Belle Epoque - Marsilio - a cura di Ilaria Taddei, Fernando Mazzocca e Carlo Sisi.

Orpheus and Eurydice. Sculpture of the V century b.C. of the school of Phidias. This admirable relievo illustrates the supreme moment of the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice. Owing to the sweet charm of his divine voice, Orpheus pleads with Pluto to restore his lost bride. Pluto grants his prayer on condition that he must not look at Eurydice during the passage from Hades to Earth. The thracian singer unable to resist the temptation glances at hia lovely wife. Zeus immediately forced Hermes to retake her back to the infernal regions. This scene of the second, unrepairable separation is full of great and desolated sadness

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