Athens Partenone's Metope plaster cast from Athens

Athens Partenone's Metope plaster cast from Athens



Patinate chalk  size 1:1
We can reproduce it in white Carrara marble

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Height 43.31 in 110 cm
Width 55.91 in 142 cm
Thickness 5.91 in 15 cm
Weight 66.14 lbs 30 Kg
Material Plaster cast

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The Metopes of the Parthenon are a series of marble panels, originally 92 in number, on the outside walls of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, forming part of the Doric frieze. The metopes of each side of the building (14 each on the eastern and western walls, 32 each on the northern and southern walls) had a different subject, and together with the pediments, Ionic frieze, and the statue of Athena Parthenos contained within the Parthenon, formed an elaborate program of sculptural decoration. Fifteen of the metopes from the south wall were removed and are now part of the Parthenon Marbles in the British Museum, and others have been destroyed. They are famous examples of the Classical Greek high-relief.

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