Bust of Crouching Aphrodite - plaster cast

Bust of Crouching Aphrodite - plaster cast



Our plaster bust is the copy of Crouching Aphrodite.
Marble, Roman copy of the Hadrianic period after a Hellenistic original. From the Villa Adriana at Tivoli.

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Height 23.62 in 60 cm
Width 19.69 in 50 cm
Weight 22.05 lbs 10 Kg
Material Plaster
Note 01 The original is in Palazzo Massimo, Rome

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The Crouching Venus is a Hellenistic model of Venus surprised at her bath. Venus crouches with her right knee close to the ground, turns her head to the right and, in most versions, reaches her right arm over to her left shoulder to cover her breasts. To judge by the number of copies that have been excavated on Roman sites in Italy and France, this variant on Venus seems to have been popular.
A number of examples of the Crouching Venus in prominent collections have influenced modern sculptors since Giambologna and have been drawn by artists since Martin Heemskerck, who made a drawing of the Farnese Crouching Venus that is now in Naples.
The model is often related to a corrupt passage in Pliny the Elder's Natural History (xxxvi.4), enumerating sculptures in the Temple of Jupiter Stator in the Portico of Octavia, near the Roman Forum; the text has been emended to a mention of Venerem lavantem sese Daedalsas, stantem Polycharmus ("Venus washing herself, of Daedalsas, [and another], standing, of Polycharmus"), recording a sculpture of a Venus who was not standing, by the otherwise unknown Doidalses or Daedalsas.
A Crouching Venus that was excavated at that quarry of antiquities, Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli, in the 1920s, is accounted among the finest of the Roman versions (Haskell and Penny 1981:323). It is conserved in essentially unrestored condition in the Museo Nazionale delle Terme, Rome.


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