Etruscan canopy our reproduction in terracotta

Etruscan canopy our reproduction in terracotta


Academic copy of the wonderful covers of the Etruscan Canopies of the Chiusi Museum.

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Height 6.69 in 17 cm
Width 7.87 in 20 cm
Depth 6.3 in 16 cm
Weight 33.07 lbs 15 Kg
Height including base 14.17 in 36 cm
Square base 6.30 in X 6.30 in 16 X 16 cm
Manufacturing Made in Italy (Tuscany)
Material Terracotta, iron and marble
Museum where the Original is exhibited Museo di Chiusi
Note 01 Hand made

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National Etruscan Museum
Established in 1871, the Museum was moved to its current Neoclassical building in 1901, where many rare and precious finds are displayed, crossing the entire development of the Etruscan civilization. The exhibition, set up in 2003, is very well kept from an aesthetic and scientific point of view; it follows a thematic and chronological approach and takes up the two floors of the building. Great attention has been given to the preservation and conservation of the displayed materials, most of which came from private collections clustered during 19th and 20th centuries and from scientific archaeological excavations. Some of the typical traits of the Etruscan civilization developed on the territory of Chiusi are represented by Canopies on the throne, laminated bronzes, buccheros with “cilindretto” and imprinted decorations, statues and reliefs made of sulphurous stone as well as sarcophaguses and urns made of clay and alabaster; there are also significant imported products like many painted Greek vases, belonging to the best Attic production. The statue of Augustus, considered one of the most refined portraits of the emperor, stands out for its beauty among the other Roman statues. Last but not least, rich and precious Lombard grave goods, completing the history of the city in the museum, are worth a visit.

National Etruscan Museum


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