Tetradrachm, 425-420 BC marble roundel Greater Greece

Tetradrachm, 425-420 BC marble roundel Greater Greece



Hand made by US.
This round is part of a series of rounds inspired by the wonderful ancient Greek and Roman coins.
In this case we copied the Tetradracma of Reggio (Bruttium) Magna Greece (Greater Greece) 425-420 a.C.

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Diameter 12.2 in 31 cm
Thickness 1.97 in 5 cms - can change from 4 cms to 5 cm
Weight 26.46 lbs 12 Kg
Manufacturing Recuperando srl
Material White Carrara marble

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In ref of this coin:

Bruttium. Rhegium. c. 425-420 BC. Tetradrachm, 17.31g. (7h). Obv: Lion's scalp facing, two olive leaves with berries in right field. Rx: City founder Iokastos seated left, holding staff and resting left hand on drapery fold by hip, snake below seat, city name retrograde, all within wreath. Herzfelder 59. HN Italy 2491. Toned EF/About EF.

This is one of the last die combinations used in the lion's scalp/seated Iokastos series. The youthful Iokastos is a beautiful Greek depiction reminiscent of the beautiful Phalantos on the early series of Tarentum, possibly by the same hand (see Fischer-Bossert, Tarentum 201). The obverse of this coin is very sharp and is in relatively high relief. This is a wonderful piece of early classical Greek art.


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