Marble floor rhombuses symmetrical rhombs

Marble floor rhombuses symmetrical rhombs


FLOOR REPRODUCED IN WHITE OF CARRARA AND BARDIGLIO or WHITE OF CARRARA AND BLACK MARQUINA, copy of the sixteenth-century floor of the church of S. Giuseppe di Pietrasanta (Lucca), antique finish.
This floor can be made with any marble available on the market, ask for quotes.

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Thickness 0.79 in 2 cm
Ancient manufacturing source Made in Italy - Carrara
Material Apuan marbles
Note 01 Max length of the tile 31 cm
Note 02 Max width of the tile 17 cm
Note 03 Weight of a rhombus 1.5
Weight for Sm, thickness 2 cm 132.28 lbs 60 Kg
Quantity required per square meter 38

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White Carrara marble:
Carrara marble (for the Romans marmor lunensis, "Luni marble") is a type of marble that is extracted from the quarries of the Apuan Alps in the territory of Carrara, universally known as one of the most precious marbles. Some of the most important architectural and religious works have been made with this marble. The first evidence of the use of Apuan marble dates back to the Iron Age, in Liguria, near Amegli in tombs of the 4th and 5th centuries BC.

Grey Bardiglio marble:
Bardiglio, in its variety of colors, belongs to the marble family which also includes white marbles, cipollini, brecce and others. They are materials of medium hardness and easy workability. Most often, they are used in wall coverings, floors, window sills. Bardiglio, abundant near Seravezza and Stazzema, in the Apuan Alps, has a saccharoid or ceroid structure and a great aptitude for polishing. The color is bluish or light cerulean, with shades and passages to the flowery bardiglio, which also belongs to the group of veined marbles. The more or less dark color is due to the presence of microcrystalline pyrite.

Black Marquina hispanic marble:
Nero Marquina marble (Marmol Negro) is a high quality, black stone marble extracted from the region of Markina, Basque Country in the North of Spain.
It is one of the most important marbles from Spain. It is fine and compact grain, black, with white veins, which can eventually be very abundant. It has gained recognition worldwide due to its beautiful, genuine black color.

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