Napolitan Terracotta Mastiff

Napolitan Terracotta Mastiff



Coated terracotta
size 1: 1
Cost for the uncoated couple € 2,400.00
Cost for the uncoated couple € 2,500.00

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2 Available

1 260,00 €

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Height 35.43 in 90 cm
Width 27.56 in 70 cm
Depth 27.56 in 70 cm
Weight 110.23 lbs 50 Kg
Manufacturing Recuperando srl
Material Terracotta

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1:1 Neapolitan mastiffs in terracotta ~ The breed is a direct descendant of the big Assyro-Babylonian molosses, then spread by the Romans throughout Europe. During the Bourbon reign, known as "catch dog", it was used as a guard dog and later, during the time of brigandage, it was used as a "soldier" against the Savoy army. The breed risked extinction at the beginning of the twentieth century and was rediscovered during the second post-war period in the Neapolitan and Avellino countryside, from which the current name of "Neapolitan mastiff" originated


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