Pair of Dolphins jumping - iron weathervane

Pair of Dolphins jumping - iron weathervane


Weather vane depicting two jumping dolphins.
Taken from a beautiful image.
Our production.

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290,00 €

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Height 31.5 in 80 cm
Width 39.37 in 100 cm
Thickness 1.57 in 4 cm
Weight 33.07 lbs 15 Kg
Manufacturing Recuperando srl
Material Iron

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The bottlenose dolphin or bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus, Montagu, 1821) is a cetacean odontoceto belonging to the Delphinidae family. It is one of the rare species of dolphins that endure captivity; also because of this it is the most studied and the most common in dolphinaria. It is widespread in all the seas of the world, with the exception of the Arctic and Antarctic areas and there are two distinct populations, one coastal and one open sea. It uses to hunt the echolocation technique and feeds mainly on fish. She reaches sexual maturity around the age of 12 and females give birth to only one baby. It generally lives in flocks formed by females and offspring, while males can form associations called "alliances". Due to the influence of the media (the famous dolphin from the Flipper TV series was a bottlenose dolphin), he became the quintessential dolphin.
Source: Wikipedia


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