Vertical packaging for slabs (LEGACCIO) 250x80xh150 cm

Vertical packaging for slabs (LEGACCIO) 250x80xh150 cm



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Data sheet

Height 59.06 in 150 cm
Width 31.5 in 80 cm
Length 98.43 in 250 cm
Weight 132.28 lbs 60 Kg
Material fumigated timber for export
Volume weight Kgs 750
Volume m3 3

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WOODEN PACKAGING (pallets, crates and cages)
Our wooden packaging respect the ISPM-15 standard, the wood is subjected to heat treatment (HT - Heat Treatment), signed with the IPPC / FAO mark which certifies its compliance with the ISPM-15 standard.

The type of cardboard we use is particularly robust and the thickness is at least 4 times that of a normal packaging carton. The name of this cardboard is “triple robust Vulcano”.
Cardboard 4 waves is one of the most innovative products in the world.
All our cardboard boxes are also made with recyclable cartons in complete respect for the environment. We reuse good quality cartons.

FILLING TRIPLE (packing straw)
We don’t use polystyrene for the filling of boxes and cartons, we use only packing straw of poplars, natural wood subjected to heat treatment (HT - Heat Treatment), this filling costs four times more that polystyrene. We always reuse the straw that comes from shipments destined to us.

PLURIBALL (bubble wrap) (90 g / m²)
We try to use this product only where the use is essential and we reuse all the bubble wrappings that come to us from shipments destined to us which have a weight between 90 g / m² and 300 g / m².

Also in this case we try to use this product only for situations where its use is essential. We don’t reuse the nylon that comes to us and we dispose of it in separate waste collection.

Our commitment in the use of eco-sustainable materials is strong and attentive: when we receive non-biodegradable goods, such as expanded polyester, we don’t reuse it and, to avoid that at the end of its cycle is also involuntarily widespread in the environment, we dispose of it in the separate collection chain. Instead, the bubble wrap that we receive is reused to avoid new production and to reduce costs. This product (from 90 g / m² to 300 g / m²) is very durable and has a long life, so in terms of sustainability it makes sense to reuse it.


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