terracotta flowerbed in the shape of a Roman antefix

terracotta flowerbed in the shape of a Roman antefix



Our exclusive production, a copy of an ancient Roman antefix.
Antefix exhibited at the Museum of Luni (La Spezia).

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Height 12.99 in 33 cm
Width 7.48 in 19 cm
Thickness 1.18 in 3 cm
Weight 4.41 lbs 2 Kg
Manufacturing Recuperando srl
Material Terracotta

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Description of the Luni Museum:
Large palm tree with five lobes of which the central one with raised median ribs, emerging from a vase with acanthus head. On the sides of the vase with body and lip with wide grooves, two symmetrical and raceme volutes are placed. The profile of the antefix accompanies the lobes of the palmette; the antefix is connected to a semi-circular tile and is equipped with a handlebar with a  strengthening function.

The original measurements are: height 38 cm.
Technique: mold execution; slat finish, exactly as we reproduce it now.
The type dates back to the models dated in the third quarter of the first century. B.C.

In order to reproduce this beautiful "antefix palmetta" we took photos at the Luni Museum, so we sculpted the chisel holotype using a piece of beige sandstone. After polishing we made the form in resin and plaster. Now we can reproduce it both in terracotta and in plaster.


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