Ancient italia, tuscan roman Roof Tiles

Ancient italia, tuscan roman Roof Tiles



Ancient Tuscan roof tiles.

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Height 17.32 in 44 cm
Width 13.39 in 34 cm
Thickness 0.79 in 2 cm
Weight 13.23 lbs 6 Kg
Material Ancient terracotta

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Roof tile in the photo on the left: dated 1874 with the following inscription, approximately translated as:
Kiln of Property
Privileged System
F. Capecchi
Rotta 1874 Toscana

Roof Tile on the photo on the right, is from Pisa signed by the kilnworker
Tampucci Antonio 1882

of Arno Valley kilns
made from the middle ages
You can find these tiles all along the Tuscany coast from Spezia to Livorno, and in all the Arno Valley

The roof tiles that we sell will be identical to those in the photos, but without the inscriptions.



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