Sandstone fireplace of the Burri Museum - our reproduction


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Alberto Burri (12 March 1915 – 13 February 1995) was an Italian painter and sculptor considered a key figure in Post-War art and such artistic movements as Neo-Dada, Nouveau réalisme, postminimalism and Arte Povera.
In one of his very rare statements, Burri claimed that the critics’ words, as well as his own, were of no use in offering a description of his artworks, affirming that its only real key strength was the formal balance that poor and industrial materials were surprisingly able to give.
Alberto Burri was born on 12 March 1915 in Città di Castello, Umbria to a Tuscan wine merchant (Pietro Burri) and an Umbrian elementary school teacher (Carolina Torregiani).
During his adolescence he preferred soccer to school, even though he soon felt an inclination towards Ancient Greek (anticipatory of his future readings) and Drawing, although not included in his school subjects.
Having been born in a region rich in art, he shared great bike rides and the contemplation of Renaissance art with the brothers Alvaro and Nemo Sarteanesi, both art students at that time and later on important figures in the artistic tutelage of Città di Castello.
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The Foundation Burri

Sizes and weight are referred in Inches and Pounds
Height: 55.12
Maximum thickness: 14.57
Maximum width: 61.02
Weight: 319.67
Note 01: Spessore dei ritti 12 cm
Maximum projection from the wall: 13.39
Fire mouth width X height: 40.55
Body width of the fireplace: 50
Height including base: 59.06
Fireplace base - Width x depth x thickness: 57.87
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