High relief in white Carrara marble

High relief in white Carrara marble



Bear and Salmon, dimensions 39.37 x 39.37.08 x 3.14 inches realized from sketch of Luca Novara (Grand Hotel Sestriere), the buyer hand made by Philippe with the Cuturi chisel and 3 different irons, finished by hand and meticulously smoothed with sandpaper with patina and waxed with fire.

The speciment is visible in Grand Hotel Sestriere.

Marble bas-relief


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Height 39.37 in 100 cm
Width 39.37 in 100 cm

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Photo on left: Philippe Deleinsegne the sculptor

The Grand Hotel Sestriere stands at an altitude of 2035 metres between Val Chisone and Valle di Susa.
It is a masterpiece of architecture. Its interiors are stunning.


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