Zorzet fireplace, sand stone - IHS Perpetua of Ghirlandaio

Zorzet fireplace, sand stone - IHS Perpetua of Ghirlandaio



Peperino stone fireplace.
On the lintel three rosette of Lucca.

The fireplace was designed by Arch. Leonardo Zorzet Florence
Studio Zorzet Firenze

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4 800,00 €

Data sheet

Height 57.09 in 145 cm
Width 62.99 in 160 cm
Depth 24.41 in 62 cm
Weight 1102.31 lbs 500 Kg
Fire mouth width X height 43.31 in X 35.43 in 110 X 90 cm
Manufacturing Recuperando srl
Material Tuscan sand stone
Note 01 We can make it in any dimensions
Maximum thickness 5.91 in 15 cm

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This fireplace has been realized by us. Now the fireplace is mounted in the famous fifteenth-century house painter said "Ghirlandaio" in particular in the room of Perpetua, adjacent to the small family chapel.

Domenico Ghirlandaio (Italian: [doˈmeːniko ɡirlanˈdaːjo]; 1449 – 11 January 1494) was an Italian Renaissance painter from Florence. Ghirlandaio was part of the so-called "third generation" of the Florentine Renaissance, along with Verrocchio, the Pollaiolo brothers and Sandro Botticelli. Ghirlandaio was the leader of a large and efficient workshop which included his brothers Davide Ghirlandaio and Benedetto Ghirlandaio, his brother-in-law Bastiano Mainardi from San Gimignano and later his son Ridolfo Ghirlandaio. Among the many apprentices that passed through his workshop, the most famous was Michelangelo. Ghirlandaio's particular talent was his ability to depict contemporary life and portraits of contemporary people within the context of religious narratives. This brought him great popularity and many large commissions.


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