Large Mediterranean grouper in terracotta Epinephelus marginatus

Large Mediterranean grouper in terracotta Epinephelus marginatus



Handmade in terracotta without the aid of a "shape", this is a real sculpture in baked clay.
Represents 1: 1 the average size of this fish.
On request it can be reproduced of any size.


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Height 20.47 in 52 cm
Length 39.37 in 100 cm
Thickness 5.51 in 14 cm
Weight 39.68 lbs 18 Kg
Manufacturing Made in Italy
Material Terracotta

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The brown grouper (Epinephelus marginatus (Lowe, 1834)), is a fish belonging to the Serranidae family.
Large fish, up to 140-150 centimeters for even 60 kilograms of weight.
Very long-lived (even 50 years with a maximum estimated age of 61 years). It is brown in color with lighter spots, tending to be darker in older specimens; typical light spots around the eye.
It commonly lives in the Mediterranean Sea at a depth varying between 10 and 50 meters (going up to 200 meters), often near rocky bottoms rich in caves and crevices.
The younger specimens live near the coast. However, it is also found in the eastern Atlantic Ocean and in the western Indian Ocean, in the British Isles and up to Mozambique and Madagascar.
In the western Atlantic Ocean in southern Brazil and from Uruguay to Argentina.
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