Terribilis est locus iste - white Carrara marble tile - ROMAN STYLE

Terribilis est locus iste - white Carrara marble tile - ROMAN STYLE



The writing Terribilis est locus iste whose correct translation is "this place inspires respect" appears on the pediment of the church of Santa Maria Maddalena of Rennes-le-Château and in other religious buildings.

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Height 12.6 in 32 cm
Width 12.6 in 32 cm
Thickness 1.18 in 3 cm
Weight 15.43 lbs 7 Kg
Material White Carrara marble
Note 01 Equal to the plate of the home of Gabriele D'Annunzio
Note 02 The inscription of the epigraph is hand-made by us on antique tiles

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The apparent strangeness of the presence, at the entrance of a place of worship, of a phrase that seems to sound like a warning (this place is terrible), has produced many hypotheses and ruminations about possible arcane and esoteric meanings.

The Latin term "terribilis", erroneously translated in Italian "terrible", also has the meaning of "thing that inspires respect". Therefore, one can very well translate the phrase in the following way: "This place inspires respect" or "awe". However, the meaning remains clearer if we take into full account the biblical verse from which the phrase is taken. In fact, in the original text the sentence goes on to say: "This is the house of God and the door of Heaven" (other words often present on the entrances of the churches) and recalls Jacob's vision of the ladder ascending to Heaven. So not only the sentence is written on the entrances of religious buildings to instill fear, but also and above all to indicate, referring to the vision of Jacob, which begins here the "ladder" (or the "path") that leads to Heaven.


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