Cement tiles Off-white

Cement tiles Off-white


Hydraulic cement tiles.
Availability is for tile.
Price is for square meter.
For orders above availability, delivery times vary from 10 days to 70 days depending on quantity available.

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130,00 €

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Height 7.87 in 20 cm
Width 0.59 in 1,5 cm
Weight 2.87 lbs 1.3 Kg

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Cement tiles or hydraulic tiles are handmade colorful tiles used as floor coverings. They appeared in Catalonia in the 1850s, and have been widely used in Europe and America.
They are mostly known throughout the world as encaustic cement tile. Cement tiles are not fired; there is no glaze layer on the surface of the tile. They derive their durability from the combination of finely dehydrated ground Portland cement layer and a more coarse layer of sand and cement. The pigment layer is hydraulically pressed into the surface and becomes a part of the tile.

Other patterns available. Ask us PDF catalogue of all other patterns of CEMENT TILES. Minimum order 10 square meters. For lower orders, 30 € of cost contribution every square meter.


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