Terracotta eagle head large size

Terracotta eagle head large size



Beautiful large terracotta eagle head.
Large size.
Handmade, hand modeled, if you order two heads we will have two similar but never the same specimens. The golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos (Linnaeus, 1758)) is a bird belonging to the Accipitridae family, present in Eurasia, also in Italy, North America and North Africa.
Made in Italy.

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Height 12.2 in 31 cm
Width 8.66 in 22 cm
Length 13.39 in 34 cm
Weight 6.61 lbs 3 Kg
Manufacturing Made in Italy
Material Terracotta

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The golden eagle is 66 to 100 cm long, including the tail, its weight varies from 3 to 7 kg and the wingspan measures from 180 to 230 cm.
The color - also of the beak - varies according to age and the adult dress is completed between 5 and 6 years of life. The young have white parts in the plumage, the elderly tend to fawn.
The paw has the typical characteristics of birds of prey, with short toes and large claws capable of injuring prey.
Its strong beak and hooked claws allow it to kill animals that are even considerably larger than its own.


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